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About  Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles

Who We Are


Located in Laurel, Maryland (about halfway between Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC), Llewellyn’s Grove Labradoodles is a mother-daughter team raising and breeding Australian Labradoodles. We’ve had many different dogs as part of our family for nearly 40 years. Ever since Mackenzie Llewellyn was very young, she had a deep love for animals and a drive to run her own business. She had a very strong entrepreneurial streak; we used to laughingly say that she was the only child we’d ever known who could actually turn a profit running snow cone and lemonade stands! It was really no surprise to anyone who knew her that she decided to start her own business in dog breeding. After high school, she worked for a local breeder for about three years and fell in love with the Australian labradoodles.  Kenzie learned about the health needs of quality dogs, the in’s and out’s of the day-to-day care of breeding dogs and new puppies, the how-to’s of breeding and whelping puppies, and raising those pups to be healthy and well-socialized. She does most of the hands-on work of the business, using the skills she learned during that time, and continuing to grow and learn as time goes on. Kenzie takes excellent care of her dogs and pups, both for their health and happiness and for the joy they'll bring to others. 


Her mother, Pam Llewellyn, is the office manager of Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles. In addition to raising and homeschooling four children, she worked for over 20 years as a midwives' assistant and attended well over one thousand births. Kenzie and Pam’s breeding business has given Pam the opportunity to use her experiences and skills with birth in a new capacity!  Pam handles most of the business’s office work, so when you contact Llewellyn’s Grove Labradoodles, you'll usually be corresponding with her.


The goals of our breeding program are simple – to breed high-quality, healthy, dogs; produce healthy, happy, well-adjusted puppies; and find a wonderful, caring home for each pup. To reach these goals, all our dogs are extensively health-tested before we will breed them. Each of our dogs have their hips, elbows, and eyes tested; each is cardiac tested; each is screened via DNA to rule out genetic problems that could be passed on to offspring. We strongly believe that physically and emotionally healthy mommas will produce the same type of quality traits in their little ones. We are committed to these goals; they are the foundation for everything we do every day with our dogs and puppies. Each of our buyers are carefully screened and our puppies are temperament screened to find the best, most caring home that will benefit both the puppy and the new owner.


We love the unique qualities of the Australian Labradoodle! They are sweet, friendly, agile, and unbelievably smart. They tend to be very intuitive; they instinctively know when their owner is sad or not feeling well; this is part of the reason they also make such good emotional support dogs. The fact that they are extremely low-shedding and very allergy friendly makes them an excellent addition to any home.


If you have room in your heart and your home for one of our wonderful dogs, please contact us. We’d love to have the opportunity to help you meet your new fur-ever friend!


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