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Our Guardian Program

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We Ensure Our Dogs Are Well-Cared For!


At Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles, we believe that all dogs should live their lives as someone's beloved family member, whether they will be used for breeding or not. We want all our dogs to have a loving and happy home, not live in a kennel environment. In an effort for us to expand our breeding stock, we have implemented the Guardian Home Program. Our breeding stock lives in our home or in specially selected Guardian homes as treasured family members. This enables us to acquire more breeding stock and additional healthy lines, while making sure our dogs are well-cared for, loved, and in a home environment.  

We do not just give our Guardian dogs or pups away. The cost of a Guardian Home dog or puppy requires a deposit of $500 regardless of the gender, color, or size of the puppy or dog. When the Guardian puppy or dog has birthed its first litter and has earned the Canine Good Citizen award, we will refund the entire deposit back to our Guardian family as our way of saying “thank you” for participating in our Guardian Home Program. 


If you're interested in providing a loving home for one of our doodles, please click the button at the end of this page for more detailed information on our guardian contract, and contact us if you think one of our dogs would be a good addition to your family.

Benefits of Being a Guardian Home

A Guardian family gets the very best that Llewellyn’s Grove Labradoodles has to offer in the Australian Labradoodle. This means that we choose our breeding stock based on the best qualities that are outlined in our breed standard, with temperament, of course, coming first.

Another benefit to our Guardian families is that their guardian dog or puppy will be completely health tested by two years of age (some tests may be done as early as 16 weeks of age) at the expense of Llewellyn’s Grove Labradoodles prior to entering our breeding program, at no cost to the Guardian family. If you are applying for a Guardian Home puppy, he/she will come to you anywhere from eight to 16 weeks of age. By two years of age and before the dog's first breeding, Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles will have the health testing completed. Once we receive all of the results from the health testing, we are then able to assess whether or not he/she will enter our breeding program. If, for any reason, we decide not to breed the Guardian Puppy placed with you (this is a decision solely made by Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles), we will ask you to have the dog spayed/neutered, and upon proof of doing so, your $500 deposit will be refunded. The Dog will remain a forever family pet with the Guardian family.

Our Guardian families get to enjoy being part of our breeding program, and seeing the puppies from their own Guardian dog being placed with families locally and across the country, knowing they are bringing others the same joy and happiness that they have received from their Guardian dog.


  • Guardian families have a “pick of the litter” puppy chosen by the breeder

  • The dog doesn't need to be re-homed as an adult after retiring

  • There is no need for the breeder to ever kennel the dogs

  • The dogs are well-socialized and in good environments

After the Dog has birthed its first litter and has earned its Canine Good Citizen award (preferably by age one), the $500 deposit will be refunded to the Guardian family.


When the Guardian puppy or dog has completed its breeding career for us, we will have the guardian dog spayed or neutered at our expense, and the dog will remain with you as a treasured member of your family "fur-ever"!

Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section below to learn more about this program.

Frequently Asked Questions
Guardian Program

What does it mean to be a guardian for Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles?

We consider a dog in a guardian home to be first and foremost your pet. This dog will be given into your charge for only a $500 deposit. You will provide for all the dog's regular needs - vet, food, training and LOVE! We will pay all fees for testing and birthing. We reserve the breeding rights and legal ownership of the dog, but in all other respects the dog is part of your family.

We respect that this dog is a member of your family and will only remove the dog from your home in extreme circumstances.​

Is this something I should do?

We want our guardian program to be something that works well for both of us! The dog is a beloved member of your family, but is also valuable to our business. We ask that potential guardian families take their responsibilities seriously, so our dog doesn't need to be re-homed unnecessarily after he or she has bonded with you.

How are the breedings handled?

We will arrange everything as far as the "when" and "where". We may need you to pick up or drop off your pup.  If you're not available to do so, we can come and pick them up, but we must be able to get them. When a girl is in season, we need to breed her. Nature waits for no one!

How does the process of birthing and rearing litters work?

We can raise the pups or you can! It depends on what you're comfortable with. If we raise them, we'll have to keep your girl with us until her pups are ready to go home (approximately 8 weeks).

If you are interested in raising the litter, we can discuss what that would involve, as well the payments we would give for your work. If we determine that you are capable of rearing a litter and you are interested in doing so, we can discuss that possibility more fully with you.

What if the guardian program doesn't work out for me?

That's okay; we know sometimes these things just don't work out as planned. If being a guardian isn't right for you, and you no longer wish to keep our breeding dog, we will take him or her back and find a new home for them. No hard feelings. We would want to have a discussion about the circumstances with you prior to the return.


What You Need To Know

Here are some basic prerequisites to qualify as a guardian:

  • Willingness to feed a raw diet (BARF) and/or Life’s Abundance dog foods.

  • The primary caregiver must have a schedule that will allow for your dog not to be left home alone for long periods of time.

  • All dogs and puppies placed in Guardian homes must be indoor dogs, and NEVER left outside unattended. No intact male dogs (unneutered) should be residing on the premises, to decrease the risk of an unwanted mating.

  • Must reside within 30 minutes of Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles (20 minutes for stud dogs) with no anticipated job transfers that will remove the dog beyond this 30/20 minute radius from Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles while the Guardian Agreement in effect.

  • Willing to train the dog and obtain a Canine Good Citizen Award.

  • Must have a physical fence or an invisible fence.

  • Guardian families must have reliable transportation, and a willingness to bring the dog or pup to us when needed throughout the year.

  • Guardians must provide regular exercise and socialization to the dog.

  • A willingness to accept and follow breeder's recommendations for the dog's basic health care and veterinarian care, such as vaccine schedules, the use of certain medications, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, etc.

  • A willingness to maintain open lines of communications with Eden Valley Labradoodles with any matter related to the dog.

  • A willingness to visit my home and  allow me to visit your home  so the dog and I are familiar with one another.

  • Provide monthly photos and updates during the first year so that we can watch him/her develop, and so we can update our website.

  • Give your guardian dog all the love, care, and attention possible!

Any “breeding-related” medical costs for the Guardian dog are the expense of Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles. Our Guardian homes are responsible for routine maintenance and medical care just as they would if they had their own dog.

If you are interested in being interviewed and/or wish to learn more about this program, please contact us for further details. 


How Many Litters Will a Guardian Female Produce?

Each dog is individually assessed before determining their required litters. Most of our Guardian dogs will have between two to four litters for us (this depends on whether you have a puppy entering our breeding program or an adult that has already had litters). Female Guardian puppies placed in a Guardian home will have up to (and no more than) a total of four litters. The health and well-being of our breeding dogs is a priority to us, and prior to any breeding, Llewellyn’s Grove Labradoodles will obtain clearance by our various veterinarians. Occasionally, we may decide to have fewer litters if we have accomplished our goals in the development of our Guardian dog in a shorter period of time, or if we feel it's in the dog's best interests not to have another litter. Again, this is determined by Llewellyn’s Grove Labradoodles and our veterinarians.


Finally, and most importantly, it is imperative that the guardian Labradoodle becomes a member of your family and not a backyard dog. We are looking for happy, healthy, well-adjusted mothers and fathers who will pass on their good traits and happy lives to their puppies!


I Think I'd Like To Be Considered For Homing a Puppy as a Guardian!

If you've read all this information and would like to see the agreement between the Guardian and Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles, please click on the link below. Contact us via our email or Facebook if you are interested in being interviewed as a Guardian for one of our wonderful dogs!

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