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  • Pam Llewellyn

Check Those Microchips!

I'm sharing this post I saw on Facebook by Lost and Found -- Howard County, MD. It's important information that all dog owners should know about.


This is an X-ray of a dog’s bent front leg. See that tiny white spec? That’s a microchip! It has migrated down the leg.... far from where it was inserted, between the dog’s shoulders. This is actually not uncommon

When lost pets are scanned, the entire body SHOULD be scanned to catch any that have migrated. But, as an owner, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AT THEIR YEARLY VET EXAM, to ask for a quick scan to make sure that: (1) the chip is still working, (2) the location of the chip is good, and (3) that the chip info is correct.

Remember: microchips save lives and reunite families with their pet. Just have it checked regularly!


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