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  • Pam Llewellyn

Puppy Surprise!!

The first text I received from Kenzie this morning..... ***** The saga continues... Me: Ok! Now I'm sure we're done; it's been 6 hours since your last puppy, and you've settled down to nurse them. I'm going to bed. (It's 12am and leaves Aspen with 9 puppies) 🐾Aspen: m'kay, I'mma stay here with my babies. Me: *goes to bed and sleeps* Me: *wakes up at 5:30am to squawking, crying, and howling from the basement* ok, what's happening?😩 Me: *walks downstairs to see what's happening. Aspen's in the arm chair with a puppy; there are NO puppies in the whelping box, and Aspen is crying.* 🐾Aspen: Help, mom! I can't fit all my babies on the chair!😢 Me: you're not supposed to have them on the chair! *Takes puppy from chair and puts her with the rest in the dog bed Aspen had already moved them to, then starts arranging a better place for them to be* 🐾Aspen: Nooooooooooo!!! Mom!!! I want them on the chair!!! 😭*Starts crying and tries moving them to the chair again* Me: Ya know what? Fine, it's too early for this. You sit on that chair while I set this up.🙄 Me: *gets everything set up, moves all the puppies and gets Aspen settled* Wait.... Weren't there 9 when I went to bed? Why are there 11?! I thought we were done! 🐾Aspen: I hads more.😌 Me: this is why I have trust issues.😒 ***** So we now have six boys and five girls -- and hopefully that's it!!!

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