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Willow Has Puppies!

In a previous post, I mentioned that our guardian dog, Willow, was pregnant and due soon. Well, yesterday was the big day! My daughter, my husband and I had gone to CarMax in the afternoon to take care of some paperwork, and since Willow was imminently due, we took her along for the ride, just to keep an eye on her. And of course....... Yup! She started breathing differently, occasionally panting, while we were out.

Things continued in this vein for quite a few hours. Mackenzie and I decided to take shifts resting and watching Willow; neither of us got really good sleep, though! By early morning, things picked up, and at 6:50 AM, she jumped up on the bed with Mackenzie and delivered her first puppy! (Male #1, blue collar, 8.8 ounces, 6:50 AM)

At this point, everyone was pretty exhausted from being up all night and working hard for that first puppy, and Willow, Mackenzie, and puppy crashed!

After a decent nap, Willow got back to work and had puppy #2 outside on our front lawn. (Male #2, purple collar, 10.4 ounces, 8:27 AM)

One hour later, puppy #3 was born outside. (Male #3, orange collar, 11.3 ounces, 11.4 ounces, 9:30 AM)

I was able to get the birth of the third puppy video'd, for anyone who'd like to watch!

By the day's end, all babies' weights were increasing, babies nursing well, and Willow is proving to be an excellent mother! Everybody is happy here at Llewellyn's Grove Labradoodles!

But one little guy🤦‍♀️....... Hmmmm, Purple Boy, we're going to have to keep an eye on you!!

More tomorrow!

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